How to deal with an uncooperative Listing Agent - PART 2

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Shocker! Mr. "I don't like Realtors, they should all rebate" just posted a follow up to his crazy "mortgage broker calling the seller without telling the seller's agent" idea and what was his solution??? yep, more Realtor Rebates. 

So Your buyer couldn't his loan commitment from YOU on time and the solution was take $2600 from the buyer's realtor? Somehow it was his/her fault and should take a pay cut? 

Again, I love the bold/underline font whenever you mention realtor commissions and rebates. 

Just keep pushing that rebate on here, maybe it will pay off one day in google's search rankings. 

@Marc Middleton , your comments above are off as I don't advertise Realtor Rebates, so don't know what you are talking about with the Google search ratings.  All anyone needs to do is Google the subject to see hundreds of thousands of offers by realtors all over the country.  

The US Dept. of Justice seems to think real estate commissions are getting out of hand and though the rebates in their examples are very Weak, and consumers can save a lot more, they're trying to alert consumers of the savings that is available to them

Department of Justice: Rebates Make Buying a Home Less Expensive

Consumers Can Save Thousands of Dollars in Commissions

40 States that allow realtors to offer rebates

Besides the US Dept, of Justice, exactly what does the dear leader of Keller Williams have in store for the Mortgage Industry here in his Youtube videos?