Looking for a Realtor/ Property Manager - Miami FL

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Hello . I am in need of a new property manager/realtor in Miami, I have two town homes located in Silver Palms ( SW 112 ct ) . One unit is rented and the other I just had tenants evicted.  Would like to sell both units but rent until  I find a buyer.  Any assistance or recommendations are appreciated. 

You are better off selling it without renting it. Easy to find buyers when they are vacant. The buyers who want to occupy will not be willing to entertain leasing

Hello @Evelyn S. Echevarria ,

In your search. Look to see if you can find specifically an investor agent to work with.  Most usually have a contact list of investor buyers they work with and it may be a way for you to offload your townhomes even if both are rented out. You may even get your property manager through them as well.

Good luck!

Hi evelyn, 

 With the way the market is right now (lack of inventory) you are in a good position to sell. Homestead is growing and I believe this will be sold at above listing price based on my research. This is also a Lennar community which is pretty new. How soon are you looking to sell?   I am local and live about 25 min from your properties. I have a few ideas in mind to help you.