Manufactured Home Park Loans

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Hi I am curious if anyone has any experience and knowledge with mobile/manufactured home parks. Also any crafty ways of financing them?  I am a realtor who predominantly flips houses, but and looking to diversify a bit.  Have found several deals, but looking for some more information before pulling the trigger.  Thanks in advance!

@Michael Palma Mobile home parks are second ONLY to storage facilities with ease of financing. That's ironic because financing a single mobile home is a daunting task. The financing isn't necessarily crafty unless you're hoping for very little money down - otherwise it is a standard commercial loan where rate/LTV will depend on the park, your experience, and credit.

You'll want to know pad rental $, # pads, paved or gravel roads, size of park, and a few pictures will help us (or anyone) determine your best options.    Gravel or dirt roads with unskirted trailers fall in the unfavorable side.   If the seller discloses the # units park owned that will help nail down a rate/program too.   

Good luck - feel free to reach out if I can answer a more specific question I may not have addressed.