Looking into Gainesville

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I would like to get your perspective on Gainesville rental market, particularly the area around the Walmart Super Center on NW 34th.  The numbers appear to show an adequate return, but would appreciate feedback on crime, weather (i.e. flooding/hurricanes, etc).

May also need realtor help and recommendation for property management company.



The weather here is hot and it seems to rain every day. As far as crime, I would look at Trulia and look up the crime maps. If you can find property down by the university  then those can be cash cows.

I miss Gainesville. I went to school there for 4 years. Weather was HOT in the summer, COLD in the winter (but no snow). Never really had any issues with hurricanes up there, pretty sure it hasn't really been hit in the past 20 years from what I can remember.