Large deal: need help; ROI 145% cap rate 17% 90 units

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like it says just estimating but I found mid term play not a flip from a foreclosure of an entire property management business, small business. One owner who got surprised by the hike in property tax it seems from the properties rise in value  from my understand and now is in foreclosure. I am looking for help of any kind from experienced players to help make this possible. The proposed worth is 8.9 million with a 50k a month cash flow, but the asking price is 6.4 well below market value. It is in a risky neighborhood but the city is paying 1 billion in renovations to the area with everything from parks, bars, new sidewalks, universities, apartment complexes, farmers markets, you name it they are doing it over the next seven years. Some of these properties are in prime locations for leased businesses like bars. With two universities opening doors next calendar year this is a feast. My business partner wanted to start into the rental game and this is a big first step. maybe too big unless we had help from someone who likes to help people out.