Any flippers in the Tampa Bay area?

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I am looking for active flippers in the tampa bay area, i have never really done a flip, but through owning my current rentals over the years i have pretty much touched repairing every part of a house. I have been actively seeking another rental in the area, but all my offers keep coming up short and would like to network and maybe work with a local flipper on a property to gain additional experience. I am not looking to become a flipper to say, just looking to learn more about it so i can better judge the properties i see needing a lot of work on the market that i typically stay away on making offers on. 

Hello William, 

I'm a real estate agent in Tampa and I network with flippers, wholesalers , and wholetailers in the area . I can refer you to a few people.  

Send me a connection request and we can talk more.

Best regards 

John Cleveland