Florida seems to be recovering some, what do you think?

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I normally check my email with my custom list daily to see if there are any deals to go look at and make offers on, but i have noticed a lot of properties are gone all sudden and the amount of properties showing up on my list is down like 50% compared to last month....

One thing i noticed is literally days up before the announcement of the interest rate increase there was a lot of properties showing up on the market, but within days of the announcement most of the properties i was tracking or made offers on went under contract or dissipated from the MLS. So it seems the market has become stronger with the lack of availability.

Hi William,  I can definitely attest to that. I was in the midst of doing research on 2 properties in Brandon yesterday and within an hour they were already under contract after being on market for 5 days.  Astonishing!!

Let me know what you think?

My friend pulled the trigger tight after the feds increased the interest rate . He had already locked the interest rate last month. Inventory is moving fast .

Interesting, I suppose it depends on the area of FL you are in.  In Palm Beach County/Broward County what you described has been occurring for the past couple years.   I have been looking out of state due to it, numbers don't work when I run them through my property calculator.

Maybe I need to check out Northern FL.