Looking for a GREAT Property Manager in North Florida

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Hi Everyone-

Long story short: earlier this month, I began making offers on single-family homes to rent around the Jacksonville metro area. It's a short matter of time until I buy and I'd like to have a good relationship with a great Property Manager so I can hit the ground running.

I'm going to be buying at least 3 doors in the area this year.

Do any investors in the North Florida (Jax, Orlando) area have any referrals or recommendations for good management companies. I'd love to hear your experiences.

Thanks all.


@Eric Bette For the Jacksonville area I use Navy to Navy homes.  They have been the best property management I have used and I have gone through quite a few between Jacksonville and Pensacola.  

@Eric Bette ... I can not help you with a property manager recommendation, but if you are interested I am kicking off a virtual (online) meet-up for Jacksonville Real Estate investors starting Jan 14th. It will be every Monday from 12-1pm & its designed to accommodate busy professionals (with day time jobs).

It will be via Webex, so you can join from any online connection or just by audio conference only.  Come if you can....but dont sweat it if you are buy that week.

There is no cost no obligation....This group is intended to be a brown bag (lunch) sharing session for those interested in Jacksonville, FL investments. Bring your Questions, Challenges & Opportunities to discuss as a group and we can help each other all grow our business.