How to search for a house with nonstandard criteria?

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Hey everyone!

I'm looking for a house for myself, and I'm having an extraordinarily hard time finding something that ticks all the boxes, so to speak.  The problem, I've found, is that for my "settle down and raise a family" home... I'd like a few features that I'm having a hard time describing in search criteria.  I know these properties exist.  I've seen them.  What I've seen hasn't been for sale, but I know they definitely exist.  

So what I'm looking for is a house that has a large external workshop/ garage.  And I don't mean a little 2 or 3 car detached garage.  I mean like 1200+ sq ft minimum.  Something big enough to put a home office in, and have plenty of room for my shop/ storage.  I have some rather large tools/ machinery for my hobby/ side hustle/ whatever- I like to build stuff, some of which ends up being fairly sizable.  Searching for "garage" doesn't cut it.  Searching for "workshop" doesn't seem to help either.  I know I could just buy a property that just has some open land and build... but that just seems like a waste of money to build new when I'm sure what I'm looking for is already there... somewhere.  I have a bunch of other boxes I'd like to tick, but this seems to be the one that I'm having  the most difficulty describing in a form for search criteria.  Any suggestions?

Conversely, if there are any Florida REA's who are a little bored and want a real challenge, hit me up, because what I want isn't going to be easy to find.  That said, one saving grace is that I have a decent amount of flexibility in location (give or take a couple hours drive), so I can at least cast a wide net to find something oddly specific.

Like a 30'x40' pole barn? Did you try shop or pole barn maybe even detached garage instead of just garage. It may be easy to find a nice piece of land and just build the exact garage that you're looking for.