sarasota fl seasonal rental managers

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Does anyone know any reputable seasonal rental management companies in sarasota fl you would recommend? i am buying a property that i will not be able to move into for roughly 6 months and would like to try to rent it out seasonally but dont know where to start.

thank you!


Hi Greg! Great question; I don't have any PM recommendations directly in Sarasota, but since it sounds like you're going to be buying a rental property and won't be able to move in for about 6 months or so, it might be a good idea to consider a landlord software that allows you to automate a large part of this process. Keep in mind that most PM companies take 6-10% of rent and at least 1 month's rent (which can be brutal if you're only thinking 6 months). Is it a 1-bedroom/studio, or, rather, what kind of property is it? @Greg Mcswain

Hey Greg, I believe I know which community your referring too and they have a 7mo minimum for a renter. In general, Sarasota can be tricky between the City/County ordinances and the multitude of HOA's all with their own set of guidelines. I'm in Nokomis, Palmer Ranch is just down the road.