Wholesaling property on Florida MLS

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I am a newer investor to wholesaling in Florida and was wondering if you can wholesale via MLS or do you have to sell only through a buyers list. I am a real estate agent and my broker was unsure if you can do it. Any guidance would be much appreciated!

I am part of RAPB + GFL and I see people selling interest in their contract. I am not sure if it’s allowed, but it happens. I would just call the board and ask what their policy is. 

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I just checked with my board which is West Pasco Board and they state that a listing agreement would have to be signed by property owner of record to wholesale property on MLS.

I just now read your question and that was my immediate thought. Anything going on the MLS MUST have a listing agreement signed by seller (or authorized representative). My 0.107 Euros: you're better off creating a solid buyers list because many investors don't bother with the MLS. Also, it takes a decent amount of time to create a good listing....you can have it sent to your list in minutes. Good luck!