Attached mother-inlaw without permit

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One option is to make sure the attached apartment has been built to and meets all current building codes. Then you would apply for the permits and go through all subsequent inspections . If you pass you have a permited apartment.

Another option is to rip out the upgrades and bring the building back to original.

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I would go to the local authority/municipality that would have issued the permit(s) and ask them? ie, just pose the question to them: ("There's a property I'd like to buy that has what I believe to be non permitted additions. How would I resolve this issue if I buy it?") Then see what they say. It may be as simple as a building inspector taking a look at it to see if it's code. They may require payment for inspections/permits. They may say "it has to go". So there's not a simple answer as it will depend on "where" this is and "who" you talk to. But it is certainly appropriate to be concerned about it and you'll need to factor it into your purchase decisions. This may also affect tax assessments so take that into account as well.