Mansard Roof in Florida/Waterfront

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Just picked up my very first property. In the very early planning stages of a fix/flip project. It’s a foreclosure property on the water here in Florida. However, the exterior of the home is UGLY. I can’t wrap my head around this mansard-like roof. Has anyone had to work with this type of roof before? Any ideas? 

@Maureen Sepulveda

Hi Maureen,

I've seen similar shingles roofs repainted (over the original stain) and from the road they look interesting, but up close if the shingles are past their service life the paint doesn't hide that fact very well.

Maybe beige walls and dark brown shingles would make it look more appealing?

Or if it fits the neighborhood (and rents support it), maybe replace the shingles with a dark brown standing seam metal covering, and some bigger windows.

Good Luck!

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@Maureen Sepulveda

There is a similar house in my neighborhood.  The owners put "hip" style trusses on the top in hopes of giving it more height and a better curb appeal.  They finished the top in metal panels and then re-roofed the existing mansard in metal panels also, so it looks uniform.  Now the house looks like it has a little hat on top.  I'm not so sure it was worth the expense to do that, but that was their decision.

On your house it looks like there is some room around the front door if you want to build a nicer "entry" around it.  Add a reverse gable to the front with some columns to make the entry/front door the focal point.  That way the eye is drawn to that portion, plus it would break up the front of the house which right now looks very "horizontal."

(BTW- my "day" job is doing architectural planning/ interior design for a retail chain of stores, and I design store facades all the time.  This is just the residential version of it.)  :-)