Looking For Rentals In Central Florida/Surrounding Areas

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Hi All,

I'm looking to invest in my second property around the Central Florida area (open to surrounding areas as well). Ideally I'd like to do a BRRR. I have about 20K saved up to invest and would likely need to use hard money for this investment. Willing to put in some sweat equity into this property as well.

Any recommendations on agents/wholesalers who specialize in these types of properties would be greatly appreciated. Also I'd love to hear some advice and tips for a new investor in this area and surrounding areas, maybe even partner up on a deal to gain some experience. 

Thanks and looking forward to learning and hearing your responses! Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

Hi Wasim,

Happy Holidays!

I specialize in Investment properties.  I live and work in the Tampa Area.  The market is HOT right now.  

I will PM you.

All the best,


I work along the coast from Miami to Vero Beach. The area you specified is really many different markets and an agent from one part of Florida may have no insights into the rest of Florida.

What exactly are you looking to invest in? Cash flow? Appreciation? Single-family? Multi-family units?

Are you managing the units alone or do you have PM in place?