Part Time RE Agent / Looking for Advice and Mentorship

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Hi BP,

I'm scheduled to take my RE Agent test in 10/2020 for Florida and am looking for advice/mentorship/things to look out for when first starting out.

If you are interested in networking, willing to share your expertise, or just exchange ideas I'm always available to have a conversation. I wouldn't have the success I've had without the help of others and alway believe in passing along the knowledge I obtain to the next group of curious individuals.

A little about me:   

Born and raised in NY. Moved out of Manhattan in 2018 and to Miami, FL to experience a new city and warm weather. I've been following BP for awhile now and my plan is to start out as a part time agent while I learn more of the ins and outs of the business from an agent's perspective.

I would describe myself as always being curious, a fast learner, and sociable. My work experience has always been in Advertising & Technology Sales and I feel that my skill sets and connections will help me transition into a successful full-time agent down the line.

Looking forward to hearing your advice and connecting!