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Hello, I'm Wade. I'm a real estate investor currently invested in Maryland but I want to expand. Any advice on the Orlando, FL rental market? Is it strong? Neighborhoods I should pursue? Neighborhoods I should stay away from?

I appreciate any advice or resources you can refer me to. THANK YOU, BE BLESSED!!!

Hi Wade, 

Check at Oviedo

Specifically Alafaya Woods (a subdivision in Oviedo). 

You can kind of get the best of both worlds in that neighborhood. You can still get homes for under $300k. It’s in a great area. All schools are highly rated so you will have no problem attracting quality family tenants who will take good care of your property. And Oviedo is growing so you will see appreciation. I also often see good deals pop up in the neighborhood that can be bought below market value if you are fast and willing to buy an ugly house. 

You also have the flexibility of renting out to students for a higher cash flow since you are so close to UCF. 

Hope that helps!

I live in Orlando and the market here is very competitive. Homes are selling within 24 hours within being on the market with multiple offers. And the market has gotten hotter since COVID. If cash flow is your goal checkout Kissimmee, Poinciana, Davenport, and Winter Haven. These areas are just south of Orlando and closer to Disney. Let me know if you're looking for some POCs here.

Hi Wade

Those are great areas you mentioned. 
As Jay mentioned, the cash flow will also be a little low in this area due to the home prices. 

However, there is an alternative approach. My goal is also cash flow. But I prefer to actually invest in really well established areas like Dr Phillips. I realize, I won’t have as much cash flow right away. But I have a greater opportunity to grow my wealth which I can then convert into cash flow down the road. Plus, you will likely have a better pool of Tennant quality to choose from when you buy in a well established neighborhood. 
The key is to buy something that needs work. If you are able to buy it below marker value, and then fix it up. You will have instant equity and higher cash flow. You can than leverage that equity to buy more real estate.

Hi @R. Wade Williams . If you are still in need of some help/guideance on where to look or even get started, please reach out. I would be happy to discuss some good options with you and see what we can come up with. I am a full time Realtor® and investor in Orlando.