Legality of short term rentals, Section 509.032(7)(b), Fla. Stat

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I have been having a lot of confusion around this, my understanding is that based on Section 509.032(7)(b), Fla. Stat most cities in Florida are not allowed to ban or heavily restrict short term rentals, even in regular residential neighborhoods, unless they had laws in place before sometime in 2011. However, when searching on this topic for various cities I get all kinds of conflicting information. Some of this is probably outdated info, I would think. I'm wondering if anyone has info on this that can clarify this or external resources? For example I have been looking at Jacksonville, as well as some other cities, and I see info saying they are not restricted then I see info that conflicts and says they are. Is there a concise list of cities in Florida and their status in regards to short term rentals? Thanks for any info.

@James Elden

The laws regarding STVRs varies from city to city. Local residences that complain about STVRs tend to force the city to adopt new ordinances and regulations and in many cases, ban STVRs all together. My advice is to contact the city in which you are looking to vacation rent and ask them directly. Many cities have their council meetings and resolutions posted online.