Vacation Home and AirBnB in Tampa

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Hello BP members - I'm considering buying a vacation home in and around (~30 mins) from the Tampa area - someplace that my family can occupy during winters and use as STR during other times. We'll be living there for a few months (Dec - Feb) so my preference is for someplace that's residential (quiet and away from crowds) but will do well for STR - ie. it doesn't have to be within walking distance to the beach or too close to the downtown but we're good as long as there is demand. From my limited research, it looks like Pinellas county (palm harbor/ East lake etc.) would be a good option. Any other areas in and around that area that I could focus on? Should I consider Hillsborough County as well?

Tarpon Springs and areas near there may interest you, it has a bit of coast / beach there and is more suburban /spread out than the more urban parts of Tampa. I liked that area when I was visiting Tampa, I prefer the east coast of Florida but if I were looking to buy in the Tampa area that's probably one of the areas I would consider.

@Ryan Bird both Hillsborough and Pinellas are solid options. Pinellas has a lot more regulations regarding str and it depends on the municipality if it will be allowed. Have helped a number of clients find str in the area. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. BOL. 

@Ryan Bird

Both Pinellas or Hillsborough would be good. I live in Palm Harbor, 42 mins from the beaches with traffic. You will have to watch out for HOA's in both counties. The best thing to do, would be to visit for a week and find the Neighborhoods/area that you would like to spend time in. Then when you are ready, focus on those areas and just keep searching until you find a neighborhood that allows "Transient Stays". That is what STR's are called. Now you can get around that by offering only 30+ day stays. So, step one, find out where you want to be, 2. find out if that city even allows it then find a neighborhood that allows it. You do have to be careful because, you may a neighborhood with out HOA but find out that the city its in doesn't allow STR's. Clearwater is one of those places. St. Pete allows them but you have to wait 6 months and get a permit costing around $500 to run an AirBNB. I am happy to help when you are ready!