Short Term Rentals in South Florida

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Hello, I am a newbie and excited to learn from all of you. I am looking for buildings that allow short term rentals in South Florida, and preferably in Fort Lauderdale. Which buildings (e.g., name/address) would you recommend? Thanks a lot!

Hi @Ella Miller .. You are probably getting crickets here as not many buildings allow STR at all in South Florida. (blame spring break parties) Usually, you're looking at a SFH in a non-hoa community. And then - it depends on the city legislation. The only one I know about that is a condo is two floors of Casa Costa in Boynton Beach. Other than that, there are dedicated buildings in Miami but the prices are quite high. You can look in Orlando and talk to @Wayde C Hall as he has a list available in that area for a much easier entry price. Hope that helps! 

Thanks @Share Ross

Hi @Ella Miller , Share is correct that we have some restrictions on pre-approved HOA communities here in Central Florida. Orlando (Orange County) specifically allows no ABNB outside very specific pre-zoned areas.

As for Daytona (Volusia County) they also have their regulations and condos seem to be the direction I see people going taken over there but there could definitely be other options if anyone has them.  I look primarily in Disney and can help you with that!  

Disney Communities - 

Champions Gate, Reunion West, Windsor/Indian Ridge, and East Celebration are hot areas right now for ABNB.  Ill DM you if you want any specifics.  

Hi @Ella Miller ,

We are vacation rental property managers and relocated from Miami to the Kissimmee area near Disney for precisely the reasons mentioned above. The Disney market is very STR friendly (Osceola and Polk counties) , and there are literally thousands of legal, licensed properties catering to Disney travelers. Closer to downtown Orlando and Universal Studios (Orange County) restrictions are tighter, but there are a few legal STR communities where we also manage properties. Good luck with your search and feel to reach out if you decide Central Florida is a good option for you, instead of South Florida.