Loans For Rental Property in South Florida

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Hello- this is for my South Florida real estate investors (Fort Lauderdale to West Palm area) who do you use for your rental property loans? I am looking to get a loan for a property in the coming months (first property) who out there will be flexible and be able to use rental property income to help qualify for a loan? I have the downpayment but all my income comes from other investments I have made (not w-2 income). 

Thank you for the help! 

Bruno, the benefit of being on BiggerPockets is the Network available.  Check out who may be listed there (you should be able to filter by area).  There are some good lenders who specialize in investments and may not need personal income if the deal makes sense.  Another way to build relationships with lenders who work with investors is to attend local investor clubs as many attend those events.  I have met quite a few that way.  I hope this helps.

Hey Bruno. Congrats on buying your first rental! I happen to be an MLO licensed in Florida.  You can call/text me anytime regarding rental property investment (702)232-6901 . You CAN use the potential rental income to qualify.