Anyone investing in Naples?

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Hi @Alex K. ,

I focus mostly in the Lee County area vs Collier County. Naples specifically is hard because of high pricing, their short term rental restrictions, low price to rent ratio, it just doesn't really tend to be the best in anything. Better deals are typically found in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, etc, regardless of the strategy used.

Happy to connect though!

Thanks Stetson - what do you think of North Port Florida / Pt Charlotte - it looks like newish houses are being sold for around $300k - and potentially can bring in with Airbnb around $40k-$50k (so about 8-10% cap rate)

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I think STR is bit slower in Port, I have a STR in F. Myers seasonally and see better returns there. I agree with Naples, high priced and too much regulations for STRs. Homes are relatively priced well in F. Myers and the Cape is great as well.

Anything on Treeline is great...Bridgetown, Arborwood, Marina Bay, Botanica Lakes. The only issue is the HOA and some restrictions they have. I am in an HOA area hence the reason why I rent seasonally. But I rented for 2 months and made a little over 11k this year

Mcgregor is also a relatively nice area. I would recommend working with a Realtor/Investor who knows the SWFL area well

I would also check regulations in Charlotte county. You would need a DBPR business license if you will not occupy unit while renting and then registered with Charlotte county Tax collector for the Tourist development tax which is 5% and also registration with state sales tax due from the Department of Revenue of which 7%

Based on airdna numbers using the rentalizer here are stats for the house you provided above 3/2 based on 6 person occupancy. Off course you cannot go off these numbers alone. You you have to do a comparison with airbnb/ vrbo to see what avg daily rates are going for. If you plan on renting year round, you want to be mindful of occ. rate as certain areas in FL is not most have seasonality rates that vary during snow bird season and summer time

Annual Revenue


Average Daily Rate


Occupancy Rate


Originally posted by @Alex Kovalenko :

For example - this one shows up as $30k+ potential income with AirBNB (via AIrdna)

This looks like a bargain. However, for STR I always recommend a pool. In particular if you're further in land and away from the coast. I primarily specialize on properties on the east coast. However, I can assist with info that is a bit more comprehensive than what is on airdna if you're looking to purchase.

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