Window Companies Recs in SoFlo

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Looking for some recommendations for a reputable impact window company around the Broward county area. 

I have an order of about 14 large windows that I need to place soon. Currently working with BNT Windows out of Pompano Beach - quoted me $26k. That quote definitely made me do a double take - hoping thats on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. 

Thanks all - 


Hey David, I used BNT for impact windows and doors at my primary towards the end of 2020. I shopped for quotes from about 5 vendors and they gave me the best quote (thousands less than all the others) and even though installation did not happen for 2.5 months due to material shortage etc that was going on at that time, I am really happy with the work done and the quality of the windows. Speak with JOHN STEPHENS and let them know Signature Real Estate referred you or you can use my name (Lanash) and get a good discount....good luck hope that helps!

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Hi there! My husband and I own an impact window and door company. We can try to see if we can beat that price for you. You can DM the measurements if you’d like. 

We live in Pompano Beach and have been installing for over 3 years now.