Have an inspector/contractor to recommend in Metro Atlanta?

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Hello All,

I am looking at a property in Decatur, GA and need an inspection to help me rule out any major issues and determine the offer i will make.

I would love to have a contractor who can do the inspection and provide an estimate for repairs.

Can you recommend someone or share how you handle this part of the process?

Thank you!


@Pyrrha Rivers did you find a good contractor?  We are also looking for someone to give us a repair estimate on a potential flip in 30032. Would appreciate the lead if you have one! Thanks!

@Lynn Angus I did find a good inspector but as far as contractors I had a horrible experience with one of our very own BP members and received a recommendation from another BP member which saved my project. Feel free to PM me if you would like details.

Good luck and I hope you find an awesome contractor for your project. 

@Pyrrha Rivers I'm a new rehabbed and I'm in need of a good contractor recommendation. I would greatly appreciate a recommendation!

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