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We are new to Bigger Pockets, fairly new investors looking to network and connect with other real estate investors in the Gwinnett County and Atlanta metro area.

Hi, i just joined up. I live in Gwinnett and looking for deals in this area as well. Have you had much luck?

@Derick & Lisa Pope I am in Gwinnett also, there are a few investors that I have met from meet-ups that are located in this area as well.  What type of investing are you primarily focused on?

@Shetal Gandhi I have had a few potentials, but nothing to pull the trigger on.  The first property will likely be the one that we are residing in as we are planning to move soon.

cool please send me a private msg and tell me more. Im interested

Thanks for the invitation @Mahsa Nicknam , I look forward to meeting up with you and the rest of the group.

I am new to the site and quite late on this thread but hopefully can get some replies. I also live in the gwinnett area, Lawrenceville to be exact. I am interested in wholesaling in the gwinnett area as it may not be as saturated as Atlanta and inside the perimeter. Also feel like there is a lot of potential in this area. Wondering if anyone has been active in the Gwinnett county area and found success? Also, I'm open to networking and plan to join a local REIA meeting to network with locals folks. Well, look forward to hearing back from some of you guys on the thread.

@Maxwell Hunter

@Mahsa Nicknam

@Shetal Gandhi

Hey @Derick & Lisa Pope and @Nelson Carbo .

Welcome to BP!  I do quite a bit of work in the Gwinnett area as an agent and as an investor.  I also host a meet up that happens the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  Next one is tomorrow and can be found here.  Look forward to meeting all of you.

@Micah Redden thank you for the reply. I look forward to making it tomorrow although short notice. But if not possible due to prior obligations I will definitely be there for the next meeting. Thanks again for the info and look forward to meeting you and the other investors. 

Micah id love to attend your Tuesday meeting. I have been in the Construction Industry for 20 years with a concentration on Estimating the past 12 years. I have purchased and rehabbed 2 forecloses as an owner occupant for myself and rehabbed several homes in Atlanta before the sub prime collapse. I am looking to take the next step and start a business as an investor. Id like to meet a good group of people to network and learn from.



How do we find out when is the next meeting?

Originally posted by @Mahsa Nicknam :

@Shetal Gandhi @Maxwell Hunter @Derick & Lisa Pope you are welcome to join us on Dec 17th.

Hope to see u there :)

 Hello! I also am interested in networking with others in the Metro Atlanta area; are the meet-ups you referenced in your response still happening? I checked the link you provided but I didn't see any upcoming meet-ups?

Feel free to PM me if you live in Georgia and are interested in attending REI meetups. Please include the following information so that I can determine the better option of one central meetup vs several decentralized meetups:

  • First Name
  • Location (city or zip) where you either work or live, depending on from where you are commuting
  • Max distance you are willing to travel to attend the meetup
  • Days and Times available
  • Current goals and experience

Hello everyone I'm an investor in Gainesville, Ga.

Always down to network and meet potential new investors! 

is there a meetup happening in Nov 2016 ?

Hi Everyone
I am a new investor in Lawrenceville looking to network. My strategy is buy and hold multi family and flip when the math works.

I have a prequel conventional loan with Bank of America for $150k and wanted to know what are my best option? I am looking to stay in Gwinnett and flowery branch areas.

Any investors out there willing to advise before I decide on an investment?

Kofi Boateng

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