Investor minded local agents

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Hey can anyone give me references for a few investor friendly agents in the area. I'm looking into investing in Augusta and would love some contacts. I'll be in Augusta this week and am looking to meeting a few people and talking about what I'm looking to do. Anyway, anyone got any leads there?


If you're going to be in Augusta this week, I'd suggest hitting the local REIA meeting to meet some investor friendly agents and local investors in person. This Thursday at 7:00 PM, Columbia County Library in Evans. Or hit up @Chris Majors here on BP.

@Chris Majorsundefined

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@Elton Seton , they're pointing you to something different. I'm not talking about any seminar, I'm talking about the monthly meeting of the local REIA. It starts at 7 pm, and you don't have to pre-register. I believe your first meeting is free and then there's a $5 or so charge for subsequent meetings if you're not a member.