Help ! Atlanta watershed is giving me the run around

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All- I have been trying to turn the water on in city of Atlanta at a property where prior tenant (that I evicted) stole water from the city and they removed the meter.

I have been trying for 2 weeks to get water turned on. no success

Every time I call they set up a date - and they do not turn it on always for some excuse: it is under investigation, meter is not there, account has not been approved... etc etc

I need help from someone that has an inside contact with a brain... 

My impression is that customer service employees are not trained / intelligent enough to know how to handle and advice this situation ... and they just send a request for someone to pass by the property and move on... 

I need a contact with someone that can really look into this situation and tell me exactly what needs to be done.

I will also share in this forum final resolution (once I achieve it) ... so that if other BP members ever go through this, they know how to handle it.

Thank you!

Paolo, I am a civil engineer and I have a former colleague who is a Project Manager in the Watershed Division at the City of Atlanta.  I have emailed her to find out if she can help.  She has already emailed me and asked what is the house address.  Can you provide that?   

a huge thank you!

I pm you my contacts

960 sims street Atlanta

Try going downtown to the payment office on the 1st floor of City Hall on Trinity side. Take your paperwork and sit there until you get resolution. That usually works for me.

Hi, Steven, I saw your post to Paolo and hope you can help me with your friend at Atlanta Watershed. I have a duplex and one side, 1190 Sims St, SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 , a tenant just moved in and is trying to get the water turned on, but the meter is locked. Water dept tells me that there's no meter. I went and gave them the meter number. It's a digital meter, so, not an old one. They're telling her that they have to go through some lengthy process, that might take up to 2 weeks, which is impossible. They say that there hasn't been water at this property since 2009, but I bought it end of 2009 and had it in my name previously (same as other side, 1188 Sims). All they need to do is take off the lock and then deal with their paperwork, so that my tenant and her child have water. They're screwing up.

Hi Folks, BP is of course great but another org everyone needs to be a member of is one or more of the local REIAs. This is the typical thing folks get help in the REIA I'm a member of. A deal makers google group, a new investors google group and many free evening classes.

Victory:.. I have water!

I had to basically call several times per day customer service and always asked to escalate to a manager

I also had a person on site to talk to the actual field person

I have the impression that they finally did it because they were literally tired of listening to me

It should not be this way... they have constantly found excuses for not doing it... 

I found out from other people that tried to help that 3 weeks is the average time to resolve these type of issues... 

Lots of perseverance is needed

I am amazed because in all other counties and cities around Atlanta this will never happen this way

I know this post has past... But I had the same issue with Atlanta.  Took over 3 months to get the water turned on... On top of that there was an active leak on their side that didn't get fixed for the same time.  It was a disaster... Now I'm having to go through the process of an electrical inspection. The last inspector that showed up at a previous property was drunk at 8am and stumbled as he went in the house... You can't make this stuff up.  I thought Dekalb was bad... But this city is a joke.

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