How do you get a stolen house back???

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Hello BP, I am working with a seller who through follow up I reached out to and has informed met that someone has acquired her home and has moved into it without her knowledge. Her home has been vacant for some time now which is why I reached out to her in the first place to see if she was interested in selling it. Today she informed me that thru her neighbor she was told that someone is living in her house. She called the police and was informed that the person living in the home has a deed and gave a $7k down payment on the house and that she bought it from her. Clearly her signature was forged and that person even went and recorded the deed with the county. What steps does she need to take in order to get the property back? I'm sure there's going to be a lot involved.  I am a wholesaler/investor and am reaching out to see what can be done to help her. Any advice is appreciated.

The seller should immediately contact the district attorney/police in the county where the deed was recorded as it is felony and taken seriously. She also needs to find her title insurance policy and contact the insurer for help. She should find a real estate attorney and file for eviction along getting a quiet title action going. It is not going to be cheap or easy to fix. I am guessing 5k in legal fees.

The real owner pulls her deed and the fake deed.  Pay $5 for a 4 hour account to . 

File for eviction.  The county does not verify the owner when initiating eviction oddly.  Pay for the sheriff to tack the door.

In parallel door knock the poor victim with her deed and yours and talk it out.  Eviction process must run in parallel.  You will need to work with the victim one on one.  

Sad state of affairs with real estate fraud!!

As stated you seller/original owner needs to contact the local authorities and also a real estate attorney to inform them of the fraud committed against her.

Thanks everyone for your advice. I will let the seller know. Also, the seller got a copy of the deed that was recorded from the county and said that it was not authentic and she did not sign it.

This happens more often than people realize. I have seen articles where the crooks stole several properties, rented them out, and lived in one they stole. One of the crooks, who ended up in court, didn't show for a hearing and provided the court with fake documents showing they were in the hospital. These people are amazing and will pull anything and everything. I often check the local tax assessors office to make sure all my properties are still in my name for this very reason. 

Sadly,you are looking at a long, long process that will be very expensive if the occupants/victims fight in court to keep the property.Looking at about 3 to 6 months (mostly waiting for a court date) and about 15k to 20k in lawyer and court fees.

Sorry for posting on an old thread. I am considering buying an out-of-state investment property. What actions do you take to prevent yourself from being victimized by deed fraud, by a fraudulent deed filed after purchase (as title insurance won't cover in this case) on an out-of-state investment property?