New Investor Hitting the Ground Hard

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Hey guys, my name is Ty and I'm a new investor in the southwest Atlanta area looking to hit the ground running. If you're looking for an energetic young guy for any level of assistance I'm happy to help out in any way. I'm hoping to work with experienced investors in the area to gain a little knowledge. Feel free to reach out if you're interested..

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Welcome to BP! Check out GAREIA and Atlanta South REIA both have a good mix of experience levels of investors. There is also a meet up group at Ravinia once a month. Good luck and keep your eyes open.


@Tysean Jackson, welcome to the BP family. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

Thank you guys for the the positivity and encouragment. Wish you all great success on this journey!


Welcome to BP. It's been two months since your post. What kind of learning/investing have you done thus far and what are your interests? My partner and I focus in SW Atlanta and have about 12 renovations and new constructions going on now in that area. We love new energetic people and could always use the assistance. 

Let me know!


Welcome to BP! Tysean

Let me know if you need any help!

@Jennifer Butler sorry for the late reply is in the Bankhead area Westside of Atlanta. Do you have any experience in that area

I do, like Grove Park, Almond Park, areas off Hollywood?

Wholesale, yes. I haven’t done any retail there as of yet. I am very vocal about the push toward there tho!

@Tysean Jackson Nice to meet you! I'm a new investor or as some might say aspiring investor too. The only difference is I'm in Delaware/Philadelphia area - I'd love to connect with you sometime to hear your what your doing and what your plan is. Maybe we have similar goals?

@Jennifer Butler In the case of Bankhead , what do you see as the key barriers to increasing interest in that area and what are your thoughts on how we can catalyze interest...

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