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I was wondering if anyone was able to recommend a CPA well versed in real estate. I am looking in the South Atlanta area but willing to travel if necessary. I'm not looking for a CPA that only knows of the general tax deductions but is able to be creative in order to save money. I appreciate any and all feedback.

@Chris Virgil-Stone

There are several options to finding a local CPA.

1) Use the biggerpockets search function to see if someone already is in search of a CPA in Atlanta. I did a search and provided you links below. I like this choice because you can see who people recommended and who they decided to go with based on their interactions among the many CPA's(depending of if they shopped around). You can also ask if they like their CPA and plan to continue using them.

2) Add the keyword alerts "Atlanta" and/or "Georgia". You will notice that there are frequent posters who respond to posts that have these keywords. Network with these individuals and ask who they use for a CPA.

3) Attend local REIA events. These events will normally contain seasoned investors and would be more than happy to refer you to a CPA. You can find local REIA event through the Biggerpockets events section or Below is 1 events that will happen in and around the Atlanta Area soon.

4) If you are still unable to find a CPA that matches your needs. You may want to reach out to a CPA that works with clients remotely. There are many CPA's on this site that do so.

In the meantime - Feel free to ask any tax questions you may have. I would be glad to give you my opinion on the matter.
Also feel free to connect with me on Biggerpockets if you would like to ask me a question in the future!

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