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I Just bought my second property from the foreclosure. My first didn't need any rehab work fortunately thanks to some nice insider tips I had received.

My second purchase needs a ton of rehab work and the funny thing is I have absolutely zero experience.

Does anyone have recommendations on a good person or preferably company that repatches or replaces hardwood?

I have a decent spread to work with but I am partnered with someone who is extremely frugal. 

What can I expect to spend on a replacement of new hardwood for a Main Floor of this house about 800 sq ft?

@Karim Jiwani Hey I’m a rehabber in cobb and I have a really good company who can patch in, lay it, and refinish it.  PM me.

Thanks @Kalimah Jenkins !  Ill do that now! 

 Just realized I made a newbie typo mistake in my original post and now it can't be edited. oops.

@Karim Jiwani   - You should also think about the cost of refinishing and patching  compared to replacing that same area with new engineered hardwoods that are becoming very popular with remodels and new construction all over the place.  Depends on the rest of the house and if it doesn't look too much out of place, but there are some really great deals at places like ifloor.com, lumber liquidators, and floor and decor(which has a buford and norcross location).  I just put flooring in that is real engineered hardwood with installation for $4.50 per foot including new shoe mold(or quarter round trim).  This is in a real nice $370k home also.  

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You're probably in for $4500 depending on the quality of the flooring and if you're doing it yourself or have a contractor.  Are you looking to rent it or flip it?  I wouldn't recommend hardwood floors for a rental.  

Thank you guys very much for your help! We are going to do new hardwoods. Repatching it really wouldn't do the house justice(ARV is around 350k).

The contractor gave us a quote for $2400 including labor for new boards. Im pretty sure they are the type of boards you guys are recommending.  Thanks so much for your help! 

We are looking to flip the house. Why is hardwood a bad idea for rental homes? 

The first thing we are starting on is the painting. All the rooms on the interior of the house needs new paint. The house has a ton of wallpaper all over it and its been painted over too. Its been a pain to take out. A little bit of the sheet rock has been dinged into.

The next thing were going to do is take out the countertops and replace it with granite. 

All the bathrooms are getting granite counters too(we got that for around $3400)

The whole exterior of the home needs to be painted. The pool may also need some work but it is covered, though the cover has a lot of tears. 

Theres a tiny leak in the roof too but I think its not bad at all. And some of the boards on the outside of the frame need changing but I think that is easy too.

We are also replacing all the appliances. We are looking for stainless steel. We need a 36 inch drop cook top, 30" combination microwave/oven, dishwasher, and possibly a refrigerator. 

Any chance someone here is selling one?

We are replacing all of the fans in the entire house.  We are also getting new carpet in the basement. We are considering getting new fixtures and door hinges but its looking to be more of a pain than a necessity. What do you guys think about that?

Id say my aunt has found some amazing prices on the work thats been done so far. Im excited see the progression!

We are hoping to finish by the end of January.

I will try to upload some before and after pictures soon.

Thanks so much guys for your help! It really really helps me out! This website is super amazing!

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