CPA and Real Estate attorney needed!

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@Marvin Hernandez, 

You may want to contact the local real estate investors associations for recommendations. Send me a private message if you have any questions. 


Bill Hampton 

Hi Bill

Thanks for your reply. I must certainly contact my local REI group. But is there anyone in particular you have worked with in my area that you can attest is good for either cpa or attorney?

Hi @Bill Hampton . I might be able to help, but more info is needed.

Are you looking for a real estate closing attorney or for someone to help with entity creation (LLCs, corporations, trusts, etc.) for real estate investment?

Similarly, are you looking for someone to help you file state and federal taxes, or are you trying to establish financial controls to run a real estate investment business?

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Whoops! My apologies, @Bill Hampton, I was intending to reference @Marvin Hernandez!