Broker Advice/Search in Atlanta, GA area. Please help

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Hello, I recently passed my Real Estate Exam and now searching for a broker to sign with. Along with finding a broker I am looking for company that would mentor & teach me the real estate process. 

My core focus is purchasing rental properties for myself. I would also sell some homes, but not full time.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a Broker with low fees in Georgia? 

I found the following that looks great for a newbie, but they do not allow rental property ownership/management for their agents. 

- 100% Commission, $300 transaction fee, $19 per month, Board of Realtors Membership is optional, Free FMLS access / GAMLS is optional, E&O Insurance - $1mil Coverage, No Annual Fees

Can someone point me in the right direction? Just need some help.

Thanks & I appreciate it in advance,


@Amar Patel congrats on passing your exam! I’m actually with a low fee high split brokerage firm. I was with a few different firms my first few years in RE trying to find the right fit. When deciding to go with my current firm the broker explained that they don’t allow property management because it a huge liability for the licensees and the broker. I can’t remember, but I believe brokerages like KW allow for PM because they charge higher fees to cover liability and E&O insurance but that’s just my assumption.

@Deborah Gilbreath Thanks for the valuable information! Do you have a recommendation for any low fee brokerage firms in ATL that would allow property management? Passing the test was a trek in itself, finding a broker has been just as hard...but part of the journey. Thanks again!

don't worry about fee's now, be more concerned with learning. Keller Williams is a great teaching organization with very fair commission structure. I endorse them very much. 

I however do my own thing but if I was in your place I would just go to KW to learn and make $$

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