Peachtree City Real Estate Investment Professionals

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I have 20+ years as licensed real estate professional (and beyond that in real estate consulting), 16  years in property management SF/MF, 90+ units, 97%+ occupancy and collection rate. I had taken a break in the business to complete my master's degree. I have a B.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis (very helpful when working with tenants), M.A. in Organizational Psychology/Consumer Psychology (business form of psychology).

My husband and I are preparing to return to the real estate market as investors. I decided to let my license go because I wasn't interested in continuing from that side of the table, but I will be continuing in RE education for the professional development. I'm in constant professional development with interests in money, finance, real estate, wealth building, networking, etc. 

We will begin our investment journey by using our primary home as our first rental property. We would like to build relationships across the country but  are considering the Peachtree City, GA area for the purchase of a multifamily property that we could house-hack. If anyone owns a quad or 6 plex or so that they would be interested in owning the financing for, please let me know. I would even be interested in building partnerships to be able to provide you with professional property management services in exchange for owner financing on a suitable unit. 

We'd like to get to know investors in the ATL and surrounding area in general, so we plan to visit the REI meetings when he is on a vacation. The goal is for him to leave his job of 12-14 hour milk delivery, and for us to go full-time in REI and management (until we're ready to hand management off to someone else).

Miscellaneous information about us: We have a son who is soon to be 6 years old. We are very active in ministry. At the request of our pastors, I started and currently manage a post-secondary bible college for our church in cooperation with Life Christian University in south Florida to provide bible education for those interested in working in building their bible knowledge or working in the ministry. This is a volunteer position but speaks to my dedication, commitment to excellence, and leadership abilities. Personal and professional integrity is very important to my husband and I; therefore, we are looking for the same in a business partner. We are known to our friends as "The Creative Couple" because of our skills we use to help people in business. We are looking forward to leveraging all of our skills to build something great. We are non-judgmental and are interested in building friendships with professionals from all walks of life. If that interests you, let's begin getting to know each other. 

Hi Margie, we happen to just had a property in Peachtree City fall in our lap. I know it needs serious work but it's in a great neighborhood. Would love to chat with you about the area and also see if you can recommend anyone who's a reliable and we'll also need a reputable RE agent. Let me know if it would be possible to chat.