New investor in Gwinnett/Hall County

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Hey everyone, I am a new investor in the Gwinnett/Hall county area. I am looking to invest in the area between Gainesville, Buford, Winder, and Jefferson. Is anyone here currently investing in these areas? I need some help finding a good CPA, a lender, and making sure I don't buy a losing deal. Found what looks like a deal in Auburn, GA but I am not yet comfortable with estimating the numbers yet. Practicing every day to get better at it. Thanks for the help

I would not worry about finding a CPA yet. Most CPAs are knowledgeable about real estate and can give good tax advice. Are you trying to do flips or rentals? On flips there is not a lot of grey area and you will be paying straight income taxes on gains. Rentals are not complicated just need to keep good records. For finding fellow investors in those areas I would go to some meet ups and REIA meetings. Both GAREIA and Atlanta REIA have subgroups active in those areas. I lend in Atlanta if you want to reach out for short term financing.

My plan is to get into rentals long term. I may do a flip or two to raise capital but haven't laid out a concrete plan yet. I guess to find the local REIA meetings I need to google them. I will definitely save your info for when I am ready to buy. Thank you so much for the reply.

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There is a meet up I was invited to in Gainesville. Couldn't make it because I work evening shift. I'll send you info in their next meet up.

 Hi Jacob, is that Gainesville meetup public? I wasn't aware of one up there but I'd definitely be interested in attending. I like that area a lot.

Hey @Jacob Cohen .  I have looked at a few properties in Hall county.  I live in Alpharetta but look for investment properties within an hour drive of there.  We do have a big meet up on the last Tuesday of the month in ATL.  Let me know if you have any questions about investing in the areas you mentioned, I'm glad to help.