Determining full amount of unpaid state taxes on Georgia house

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A house will be sold at a trustee's sale this Tuesday. The Georgia State Dept of Revenue has filed two notices titled "State Tax Execution" against the owner and her house. One covers 2015, another covers 2013 and 2014. I've been to the Georgia Tax Center to look up the rest, but would need her SSN or tax identification number. I'd like to know the amount owed for other years. Is that possible?

You can search Superior court deed room records yourself via a $5 for 4 hour access to

Its a pain to sign up.  Don't hesitate to use customer service.

Using is a royal pain.  Searching liens is not easy, but all is doable.

Remember to search both on the owners name and then on the property address.

You'll find all liens filed as well.

I can't help you if the state did not lien the property.  You only need the property address in

Also go to:  find this house/address.  They show a prelim title search and may have this info free in plain view.  click "title search".

Liens, if any, will show up in a good title search.  If the DOR has not filed a lien for a particular year's income taxes, then that lien would not attach to the property itself.  Property taxes are distinct from income taxes, though, and can constitute a lien, even if no lien has been filed, yet.  If you're looking at a contract on a particular property, a DOR lien is no different from a judgment lien, tax lien, or mortgage; it's simply an amount that has to be paid before the buyer gets any sales proceeds.  So, once you're under contract, if the amount of the liens is more than the amount of the purchase price, the seller wouldn't be able to convey the property, and you'd be able to terminate the contract and get your earnest money back.