porch ceiling w/ tongue and groove wood

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remodeling an older house, and it has a small covered front porch.  i was going to cover it with vinyl soffit, but i saw some other houses near me that had a stained tongue and groove  porch ceiling .  has anyone ever put engineered (prefinished) wood floors on a ceiling before?  i have left over flooring in my garage, and they are engineered hardwood not laminate.  i thought it would be a cool look, but obviously, moisture could be an issue.  what do you think??  


There is a house near one of my rent houses and the owner used vinyl flooring for fence material. It kind of melted and is all wavy looking. Unless the material you're going to use is rated for exterior use, I wouldn't do it.  

Not sure where this person got the idea but it wasn't good. I think it was some type of laminate. It probably looked good when it was installed but one Texas summer and now it's all wavy. I laugh every time I drive by it.

Hey Adam, I’m a contractor here in Atlanta and I wouldn’t recommend using it. It’s going to be more prone to absorb moisture and expand than  solid wood will. It might be similar to the fence mentioned above. It’ll hold up for a season but over time it’s going to start to look bad. Depending on how big/small the porch is you could check with local flooring supply companies and see if they have any floors that they want to get rid of or can’t sell, buy it for cheap and use that.

@James Adair

thanks, you're prob right.  although, engineered flooring has plywood glued together with grain running in different directions under the finish layer.  You can install it in basements below grade, etc, due to it's minimal expansion and contraction (in comparison to other wood).  

thanks man.