Best Software / Platform for finding / paying for leads.

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I have a friends who have been investing in NYC for quite some time. Unfortunately it seems like some of the software and platforms like Property Shark, do not offer the same capabilities in Atlanta. Where do you go to find the Lis Pending, property and owner information in the Atlanta Market? Also, which direct mail companies have you found to be the most effective. 

@Derrick Gordon I'm not aware of a service in Georgia that aggregates pending foreclosures. But they are public record and you can find them either in the local legal newspaper or online at

You don't really have much time once the notice is published, about 30 days as they are auctioned the first Tuesday of the month and advertised the 4 weeks proceeding that.

You could just pay a Virtual assistant to compile the list for you. I just do it myself because there aren't many in the rural counties I look at.

Also, in the last two years and hudson and marshall have moved into the courthouse auction market in a big way so you can often just find the properties on their websites.