Good ATL Networking Events on Evenings or Weekends?

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Looking for good ATL networking events on evenings or weekends (outside of normal work hours).

Preferably free and not sales pitches for paid programs/seminars.


There's events on , but I mainly go to events myself.  Its my main local group of investors I hang with.  I learn there and also do some teaching of buy and hold and a few other areas.  

Ramping up to actually making money in real estate is like getting a masters degree the higher the quality of the learning situation you will be paying.   At my level we have a 4 digit annual education budget.  To get started you will benefit more by focusing on quality vs free.  

FWIW my time tested view of what makes for a successful new person:

- tenanacity

- is structured uses time blocking to get things done

- networks and learns from others in their local env

- invests heavily in their own education, value, depth of their network.

- lives below ones means, saves for down payments, direct marketing etc


Nothing is truely free.  There is a cost to not reaching critical mass and then wondering off which is what happens to most new folks, to be honest.   I quit my day job 3 yrs ago, whew!  Now I enjoy helping others mainly via buy and hold but all the other deal types like creative etc as my "give back".

Best of luck.

Atlanta REI. There is a wide range of people in terms of experience and focuses. The REIAs tend to attract some vultures so be careful if you get pitched to invest or sign up for anything.

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