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Aloha Hawaii Investors,

Happy 2017!  I am almost done putting my "Power Team" together.  I am looking for a reference for an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Attorney that you've had great experiences with.

I had a previous reference to Matt Matsunaga, but he's been on two trips and have had difficulty having a "meeting of the minds" with him.

Any references guys?

Thank you in advance,


hi Michael, I'm also a investors from hawaii and also looking a friendly ERI attorney. If any one has a recommendation please shoot me a pm . Thank you 

Try Colin Sakumoto.

Thank you @Michael Borger .  I will follow up.  As always, thank you for your input!

I too am trying to build an investment team and am just starting.  Do you already have a Investor-Friendly Real Estate CPA or tax advisor or would you know of any good ones?


@Logan Ho , I just added a Tax Advisor to my "Power Team".  Please reach out to @Steven Hamilton II .    He is an EA !  (Enrolled Agent)  Please tell him I sent you his way.  

What's ERI?

Aloha @Loren Clive !  ER = Enrolled Agent .  Specialized training, must keep up with continual education, and understands tax strategies.

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