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Aloha All,

I wanted to start a conversation and connect with other investors in Vacation Rentals on Oahu. I do own one vacation rental in Ko Olina. I am interested to connect with other vacation rentals investors in Hawaii and see what are the ups and downs they encounter during their journey. I am fairly new into the investing world ( I purchased on Oct, 2016). Mahalo!

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@Jeremy Baker Thank you for the info. We are working to finalize the website now. I see on your web that you direct the guest to book via vrbo. Why not through your own web? We are trying to branch out of vrbo and wanted to here other owners what they think. I will follow you on FB as well:)


@Diana Damian , that post got deleted since we are not allowed to advertise on the forums, so if you would like the info and our VRBO sites, just send me a personal message and I'll share those with you and you can share your listing too.

We do all of our bookings through VRBO, although there are some repeat guests that we will book outside of VRBO to save them the guest service fee as long as they contact me outside of VRBO.  I'd say 95% of the people that book our condos will find us through our VRBO listings while the other few will find us through our website.  We created this website as an informational site for our guests and potential guests and not as a site to attract a lot of bookings outside of VRBO.  It would take a lot of marketing money to get our site recognized enough to where we don't need VRBO, much more than the cost of VRBO.  VRBO is not perfect, but it's the platform that we like best and our listings stay full.

@Diana Damian@Jeremy Baker , and any other's with experience. Do you have any specific advice for someone considering getting started in the vacation rental business in Hawaii (or just in general)? Has it gone well overall? Are you seeing the occupancy rates and the profits you planned for? What are your pain points? What do you know now that you wish you would have known when you first started? 

I've just recently started researching this idea and I've love to get some feedback from people who are already living this dream of mine.

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