Lack of Information on Kailua Kona Investing.

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I have found little to no information on investing in the Kona area of the Big Island. A search for "Kona" on BP returns nothing useful in the way of forums or blogs. This seems odd considering the huge vacation rental market there. Does anyone have any thoughts about why this is? It seems to me that investing in Kona may have some peculiarities due to the huge condo market.

A little background about myself: I am currently living in Seattle with plans to move to Kona in six months or so. My wife's father is a long time resident, so we do have a local connection there. I recently lost my job in Seattle of 14 years, and I am wanting to leave. I am 58 years old and planning that real estate investing in Kona could carry me into retirement. I am an IT pro here in Seattle but there does not seem to be much in the way of IT jobs in Kona. I am a newbie just starting my education in investing.  Thank you to anyone who cares to comment.

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Good grief, is no one investing in the Big Island?

There is definitely investment opportunities on the Big Island.  A shortage of hotel rooms as well as full time rentals put occupancy (60-70%) and rents on par with other islands.  Tourism is strong with the airport recently opening up to International (mostly Japanese) tourists. 

The recent eruption will likely push people towards the Westside, (like Kailua-Kona 100m away from impacted area). Its not clear to me if the eruption will ultimately help or hurt tourism. On one hand VOG (air quality) is poor so families may cancel in the short term, however the location is getting noticed internationally as well  the active volcano & surrounding helicopter rides is a major attraction. 

im me if you want to discuss further

Kona vacation market will be a good buy for the next year, as even though the volcano is only really affecting Puna/Ka'u the national media has really sensationalized it, and tourists are getting scared away. Kona will be affected as it's the main tourist destination on the island, and because most Kona condo buyers are from out of state, prices may drop, but only temporarily as none of the fundamentals have really changed.

I want to and and encountering the same problems. Barry, are you in Kona now and can you share any feedback?

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