Anybody doing deals in Maui?

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Aloha Nick! Yes there are several active investors on Maui. Feel free to message me, I'm in escrow on 2 deals right now and want to keep them coming. We just had a meetup last week and usually have them once a month.

Originally posted by @Nick Webb :

Looking to connect with anyone doing deals on Maui... I’m a newbie maybe to start wholesaling to build some funds

I sent you a PM. 


Jumping on the thread a bit late, but I'd also like to connect with Maui investors -- particularly those that can intro me to a great property manager. 

Long story short, I have a midwest portfolio with some equity. If the numbers work, I'd like to take some gains off the table and 1031 into a decent investment property on Maui.

@Ethan Anderson

Got some off market deals available now from large home in kula to small 100k condos for cash flow in town. I don’t get on BP much so if you’re interested text me 359-3121 be they’ll be gone by next week.

Don't miss the meetup 9/19, Brandon T. will be there as well as Cory Nemoto from Keco Capital (Brandon's HML) is flying over from Oahu to speak and answer questions about hard money lending. This will be the most valuable meetup we've ever had by a long shot. Still looking for a better venue, if anyone has anything please text me!

Aloha Ethan.  I can refer several PM solutions for both long and short term.  I can also guide you in the right direction to find some of the better deals currently in our market.  Feel free to private message me or give me a call anytime to discuss. 

Aloha!  Sorry I am jumping on this a bit late.  I haven't been to the BP forums for a while.  We moved to Maui last year and have a few buy and hold deals here under our belt.  Would love to connect with you folks.  Bummer it looks like I missed the meetup last night.  Please share anything interesting that came out of the meetup!

@Patrick Hiti

Got some deals available Brandon and I are wholesaling. They’re doing fast but there’s still a house and cottage in kula for 300k below market value. Email me if you’re interested. Price 800k arb 1.1-1.2m

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