Road Trip! MFH Investor and Land/SFH Buyer

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My colleague and I will be taking a road trip from California up to Idaho this November. We'll be running a circuit from Boise to Moscow from 11/22 thru 11/27. I would love to hear from anyone in the BP community, if you know someone or you are someone who would like to meet up to show properties, tour neighborhoods, or just to grab a drink and share stories about your local area.

I'm looking to grow my real estate portfolio through buy-and-hold or fix-and-hold investing of MFHs (5-20 units). Through research I've found the Boise metro is a good start, but I hear student housing in Rexburg or Moscow might also fit my situation. My budget is ~500k including financing. Of course, seller financing is always welcome, too!

My colleague is looking at a much broader area in rural/semi-rural Idaho for retirement/vacation/"hobby farm" use. The land would be for personal use, not an investment property. Structure optional, utilities optional. Their budget is ~200-300k.

If you think you could help either/both of us get networked and find what we're looking for, please reach out. Thanks!

Hi David!

My name is Eddy Udry and I am here in Boise Idaho. I am a Real Estate agent here as well as an electrical contractor. I am new to real estate so I am just trying to learn and  meet people and form new relationships. So I would love to meet up and just have coffee. If you want to see Boise or the area  I will help you in anyway I can that would be great too. 

Hope to hear from you.Feel free to call or email me.

Eddy Udry

Hi @David Stover -


 For the pulse on the larger multi-family in Boise, you'll want to introduce yourself to @StacyA McBain .  Also,  @Claire Fenton is a great resource on the current multi-family rental market in Boise.  

Moscow has a great rental community - it will be very quiet when you are up there since it is Thanksgiving break.  We are U of I alums - and have often thought of investing there. 

FYI: Please be sure to have the right car/tires for your road trip.  Winter conditions can make Highway 95 very tough to navigate if you are unprepared.  Truly - it can be scary if snow and/or ice are on the curvy mountain roads and you are not accustomed.  That is my service announcement for the day. :)

I hope that you love Idaho!


Welcome @David Stover , happy to share Boise area rental information with you.  Feel free to reach out.  As Jonna mentioned, November can bring winter storms, so come prepared!  Sounds like a fun trip.


Hi David, 

Let's plan a meet and greet coffee or happy hour in downtown Boise with your crew on early side of your arrival. I'm certain we can convince @Claire Fenton into joining. If you add single family investment properties into the mix, we'll absolutely want Jonna's expertise as well. 

Happy travels and happy investing David! 


Swope Investment Properties

Hi David,

I would be glad to meet with you regarding the Rexburg market. While there are some good opportunities in the student housing market, there are some challenges that come with this university that you will not find in other places. Let me know if you get over this way.

Hello David,

My wife is a Realtor, I just recently started on BP and we haven't set up a profile for her just yet, she has experience working with investors when we were in Omaha. She is available to show anything in the Eastern Idaho area, Idaho Falls & Rexburg and everything in between. This entire Eastern Idaho area is growing very fast and there are some good deals to be had in housing and rentals.

If interested let me know and I can get you her info. She would be happy to help you and your friend find what you are looking for.


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