Boise: How much are you paying for W/S/T?

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What does your water/sewer/trash bill normally look like for your properties? And do any of you require your tenants to cover that in addition to all the other utilities?

Hi @Brandon Pelfrey , sewer is $48 every three months, trash is $37 every two months. For water, one of our properties is in a private water district so that bill is fixed at $13/month in the winter and $30/month in the summer, but our other property averages $50-60/month ($20/mo. in the winter and $100/mo. in the summer). We haven't asked our tenants to cover these utilities in the past because sewer and trash are relatively cheap and for water, we wanted them to maintain the yard in the summer and not just let it die to keep the bills low. I'd be interested to hear what other Boise investors do - this is just the approach we've always taken.

Expect that your sewer and trash is going up every year from here on out. Meridian is undergoing a huge expansion on their Wastewater Treatment Plant and so is Boise. Huge projects cost a lot of money and will be reflected in the rates moving forward.

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