How to research title in idaho

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Can someone tell me if there is an online registry of deeds for idaho? I would like to research the title of a few properties.

Thank you

Rich, you could reach out to any title company here.  As an agent, I have access to their property reports.  If you don't want to reach out to them, I can pull the reports for you and email them to you.  PM with the addresses and I'll send you their property reports.

Hi @Rich Hupper - I echo what Jeff said. I know things work differently across states. As an FYI, Idaho is a non-disclosure state when it comes to sale prices, not sure if Massachusetts is the same. We of course see them on the MLS. Have a great day!

@Jonna Weber non disclosure state? I am unfamiliar with this. I thought all deeds needed to list the consideration. My state every deed has purchase price on it even if it was just 1 dollar. 

@Jeff Kessel what about tax assessor records. Don't the towns know what the properties sell for?  I am use to doing basic title searches on my own from my computer. Everything is digitized here and made public. 

What about mortgages they must get recorded? Is the mortgage amount made public?

@Rich Hupper you can go to the county assessors sites and get a little information.  If you want deeds, we need to get those from a title company.  They give assess to agents through an account they can create, which is why the info is easy for me to get for you.  Jonna is correct, we are a non-disclosure state meaning that we do not have to disclose the sale price to the county.  County has to do their own assessment of the property value for tax purposes.  It's all digitized here as well, I just only know the way that I would get the info and not the way the general public would get it.  Here to help any way I can.

Hi @Rich Hupper - The original mortgage amounts are found through the title searches, yes. Related to tax assessor records, the tax assessor only sees the sales price if the buyer reports it, or if they have MLS access.


@Jeff Kessel @Jonna Weber

Thank you both for your help sounds like I would need to be licensed out there to do the necessary due diligence I want to do. I like doing a quick title search on property before I approach owners. It must make it very difficult out there not knowing the sale price but only the original mortgage amount to estimate an owners equity. 

Has idaho always been a non disclosure state? 

I am assuming title companies are just a bunch of attorneys, or can anyone perform closings out there.

@Rich Hupper , No, not just a bunch of attorneys. Title in my area is written by Stewart Title and First American; common in many areas. You can call local title companies for a property profile but I'm not sure they'll give it to a non-licensed person. What you should be asking for is a preliminary title report and if you cancel the transaction, the fee is $100. They are required to charge this by the insurance commission. Hope that helps!