Northwestern suburbs of Chicago meet ups

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I have not seen any posts regarding it but I would be very interested in attending if there was! Maybe we could coordinate and get something going? 

Any interest from other members out there?


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I'm bumping this post because I want to see this happen! If anyone wants to do this please message me and we can try to get something going the first week of April, even if its only 2 or 3 other people you have to start somewhere!

@Stephen Durante@Kimberly H. @Roman Pak @Brian Karlow @Robert Leach

Would you guys still be interested in meeting up and discuss real estate?  Is anyone free this weekend or the next to grab some coffee or lunch and discuss real estate?  Once we get the head count we can try to find a location to meet at.  Please let me know if there is still some interest.

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Ok, all so was there a location, date, time landed on for this meet up?  I'd love to join in.  If not, I'm from Schaumburg, I can coordinated this, how does the below work? I thought an early time would work better for everyone's business schedules.

Streets of Woodfield Starbucks

Saturday, April 18 @ 9 AM

If most are in favor @Brie Schmidt, I'll reach out to the Starbucks location to give them a heads up.  Its a really large Starbucks so it should accommodate just fine.