Between Rockford and Chicago, A Start Up Group for Fox Valley Investors

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I've combed through the ranks of local Elgin and St. Charles, IL MeetUps and Facebook groups and have not found the right place to seriously consider participating for investing purposes. Either the groups are too big, too small, too newbie or require too much money to join their ranks.  I've considered running two separate investors groups-one just for fix/flip and the other for rental units.  Will I be cutting out wholesalers if I do it this way?  Or perhaps it might be better to keep it open to everyone and let them decide how the group forms.

Is there a group I am missing that handles this area?

What do you folks look for in an investing group?  Leads, connections, business partners, local insight?  I'm also a licensed Realtor, so most folks I've talked to want to go out on property tours to see investment properties.  

Thanks for your insight!



I have thought about starting a group as well. To be honest I do not see the purpose in cutting out the wholesalers. Even though I have only closed one deal through a wholesaler, some of them are good investors themselves or have good insight on the industry. I am a real estate investor primarily in Chicago however looking to venture to different markets. Please let me know if you would like to team up and start a group up. If not, no big deal. Maybe we can work together. Feel free to contact me directly if interested. 


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Hi Jennifer,

There is significant value to an investor group and I would be interested in actively participating if one were to meet in the Rockford area.

I am actively looking for more deals in the Rockford area and would love to participate in a group. I would consider myself just past newbie, and perhaps in the novice stage of my investing career, so I'm not sure how much value I would bring to the group, but I would love to connect and network with other like minded people!

Thanks @Joe!  I will get in touch.  @Kyle and @Emad, it is good to know you're available in Rockford.  It would be a drive for you to Elgin/St. Charles.  I'm sure you can connect with a lot of folks specifically out in Rockford that can do a investor group for your city.  It's a whole separate market out in Rockford!  If you do start a group, please let me know.


I've set up a Facebook Group in case you are interested in seeing what we're up to in the Fox Valley area: Bigger Pockets Fox Valley Investor Group.  Find us here:

I plan on doing the first workshop this Friday, June 12 at a St. Charles property that is closing Friday.  We'd like to do a "before" walk through to see the condition, see what can be done to it and how to be cost effective.  I'll post videos/photos also.  

If you're interested, please get in touch with me or join the group.  I hope to make it a monthly meeting.

Best regards,


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