List of investor-friendly contractors in Palos/bronzeVille areas?

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I'm looking for investor friendly contractor in two areas:

- Palos/orland townships
- bronzeville

My main criteria for being "investor friendly" includes the following:

- understands the importance of prioritizing an investor project and not stopping halfway through to work on other projects, leaving the investor racking up holding costs

- always responds to calls and texts in a timely fashion. Never ignores texts. I hate having to reach out multiple times to get a hold of someone who is working on my property

- prices their services at an investor rate, not at a consumer retail rate. Otherwise it's nearly impossible to make a deal work

- is willing and able to do walk-throughs of properties and provide relatively accurate estimates for the scope of work discussed. Can perform preliminary inspection to determine hidden costs such as foundation issues, termite damage, HVAC issues etc.

- can complete jobs quickly and on schedule. For a typical three bed/2 bath, I'm looking for the entire project to be done in eight weeks or less give or take depending on the complexity of the rehab. For a typical three flat gray stone (bronzeville), project times would obviously be extended further.

If you know somebody that meets these qualifications who is on BiggerPockets, could you please tag them in the response so I can connect? I appreciate it!

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