Window recommendation? Chicagoland area

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Wondering if anyone in the area has a good recommendation for replacement windows for rentals (A to A/B property). A couple of the windows are pretty large (100+ yo bldg) and while the finished apartments will be nicer, wood windows aren't even a budget consideration. At the larger sizes, vinyl would be needing to be replaced in maybe less than 10 years from the research we've done.

We've seen Jeldwen vinyl windows which can be ordered from Menards in $1M+ SFHproperties built or rehabbed by developers.

One company had recommended an aluminum window which seemed to be a good option - Crystal series 2000.

We've also already researched window types, materials, etc. Looking for an overall economical longer life option for tenant use.

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Thanks for taking the time to read the post.

I would recommend Alside or Advanced.  I've heard OK things about Crystal but have never personally used them.  

I use Newtec Windows they have different lines of Windows. They build them for you in there factory on location and turnaround is approximately a week. In Chicago on Kedzie. Prices are really good.

NEXT windows is good as well

@thank you for recommendations  , I am also looking and will try them.

@Jerry N. did you end up using one of them or found some one economical in your research...

@David Des We checked out these companies but didn't end up using any mentioned.  Prices seemed in line with other options.  Newtec did not quote us that quick of a turnaround and we were really looking for a quick turn around.  I'd have to see who we used but ultimately ended up not changing all the windows.  We left the largest windows in the front of the building alone so just ended up at final eval time comparing vinyl options.  

Not sure if you still need the windows, but How about climate Guard, I've used them before for my property...

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