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Anyone with any experience buying and selling houses in these areas ?? I live in Danville looking to invest in Fix and flips and maybe a few buy and holds but I want to know more about the Market there is a lot for sale low prices but how do I find the best deals?? Also looking to connect with people in this area lets learn together !

Check out the website of the Illinois Rental Property Owners Association irpoa.org they have a list of association in the state of Illinois. If you are looking for online training join my reia. We are having our first live straming event this Thursday.

Hi @Johnathan Lomax

I have invested in a handful of properties in Champaign over the past 5 years or so.  Let me know if you need a second set of eyes on a property you are looking at and I would be happy to give my 2 cents.  

Best of Luck!

Scott Dixon

Thanks for the reply Scott I definitely will be in touch I feel the market is Down in vermillion and champaign county there is plenty of inventory right now. Do you have an email I can send you a few deals I've been looking over lately

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